How many gamestyles does the VirtualMaxx Roaming feature?

VirtualMaxx Roaming can be played in two main game styles: either a solo game or a team game. There are many variables within these main game styles that allow you to diversify each individual gamestyle!

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Is the VirtualMaxx Roaming a freewalk system?

Yes, VirtualMaxx Roaming reality is a freewalk or roaming system. This means that your players can walk freely throughout the space you have indicated for the game.

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What is the difference between VirtualMaxx and VirtualMaxx Roaming?

Great question! So, the VirtualMaxx system and the VirtualMaxx Roaming system are two different systems. This is a really important aspect to understand. Our VirtualMaxx is a VR system that excels in volume (you can play this with up to 64 players!) and has an advanced teleporting feature to jump across a giant universe, all while competing against your friends. The VirtualMaxx Roaming system on the other hand is a VR system that can be played up to 8 players and allows you to walk around the full area, fully wirelessly. The main benefit of this last system is obvious: it's wireless and you can play it basically in any empty space. Wondering about what is the best choice for you? Contact us today!

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Do you continuously create new updates?

Yes, as we are one of the major entertainment manufactuers, you are assured of ongoing support, development ánd continious updates!

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Can you also supply VR hardware?

Yes, in case you are lacking a compatible Virtual Reality set-up for our system, we are very happy to provide you with all necessary hardware. Just contact us.

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Are there any investment costs?

Assuming you already have a Virtual Reality set-up there is no investment required whatsoever. The ROI is therefore insanely high.

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What are the minimum requirements for a VirtualMaxx Roaming system?

The minimum requirements of a VirtualMaxx Roaming system are:

  • One compatible operator PC: Windows 10, Intel Core i5 / AMD Ryzen 5 @ 3Ghz, RAM: 8gb or more, Graphic card: Nvidia 1050 Ti / AMD Radeon 570, 4gb VRAM with monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  • One compatible, centralized and dedicated router with 5ghz support and antennas.
  • One Oculus Quest for each player installation of 64gb
  • One external TV 1080p

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