What is the minimum area you'd recommend?

Technically there is no set minimum area, though the size of a decent arena usually starts at about 250 square meters (+/- 2600 square feet), excluding some space for the instruction room (+/- 30 square meters) a vest room (+/- 40 square meters) and possible space for a bar and other activities. It largely depends on how much you have available: We can imagine that within the city you would have and would need less space than you would if you would be outside the city. Contact us for more information!

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What level of interactivity with the arena does the LaserMaxx system provide?

Good question! Especially in EVO-6 interactivity has reached a whole new level. Through a plugin we can deliver you a complete programming tool in which you can let all your arena components realtime react to whatever is happening in the game. This way you can create absolutely thrilling gamestyles that operate absolutely automatically and thus without the need of employee interaction. Did we already mention that this is yet another LaserMaxx unique feature? Contact us to learn more!

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Do you provide set up for gaming arena also?

We can, though we are usually quite conservative with it since all arena parts are best (and definitely most cost-effectively) purchased locally. This would be much, much less of investment than if any laser tag company would ship the same arena parts you can acquire locally from the other side of the world. What we do however, if you want us to, is that we can provide an arena design based upon your actual blueprint. This would give you an exact amount of walls, black lights, light effects and more that we advise you to place in your arena. With that list, you can go to your local building/electronics shop and purchase the items locally. Alternatively you can also design your own arena via the following free online design tool: contact us.

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I have a space of xxx m2 how many vests would you recommend?

Taking your space as a reference point on the amount of vests you would like, is not the best of ideas as it is very likely that you will have either too many or too few vests. Instead determining the best amount of vests is better done by looking at the average size of groups and/or by aligning it to the other activities you have. For instance: if you can drive 20 karts simontanously you might want to consider 24 vests (there’s always a few persons in a group who don’t want to drive karts, but do want to play laser tag.) We can help you in this, just let us know.

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I am not sure what my arena should look like, can you help?

We have noticed that players really like a themed arena with a maze. Think of a theme like Wild-West, Futuristic or anything else that you would like. Use your creativity! A maze is really great because it constantly challenges every player and requires them to think where they are walking to. It also works great if you create a multilevel arena so players can walk upstairs to target players from above. Of course we can get you in touch with a professional arena design team that can help you designing. Contact us and we can show you some great examples of beautiful arenas!

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Can you design my laser tag arena?

We focus our time and efforts fully on the products and keeping those the best available on the market. At the same time, we do have extensive contacts and we can get you into contact with an arena builder team, that can build the arena for you! But if you want us to help you with designing the arena, that's no problem. We have helped designing over 100 arenas and will do our best to help you with yours! Our architect can even make the drawings for your building team and let's face it; building it yourself is most of the time the quickest, easiest and most inexpensive option available.

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I really like the painting of your pictures, how can I get that on my own arena as well?

Let us know, we can get you in touch with an awesome artist we often ask to paint walls.

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How much space do I need for my laser tag arena?

The optimal size of your arena depends on the number of LaserMaxx vests that you plan to use, and vice verse. We recommend that you start with not too many vests. If your business expands you can always buy additional vests from us. To answer your question: we recommend approximately 15 sqm per person. Don’t forget that you also need an area to store the vests , an instruction area and preferably a bar.

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How important are smoke machines for a laser tag arena?

Smoke machines are vital for a laser tag arena. It makes the laser visible and shows where the laser beam is shot at. Players really like smoke machines, so be sure to include enough smoke machines in your new LaserMaxx laser tag arena!

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