Are players able to cheat while playing Mantiz?

We have various protective measures in place to make it more difficult to cheat, however if a player wants to cheat, he/she can. This applies to all laser tag systems out there (unfortunately). You will however notice that in 99,9% of all cases, laser tag etiquette kicks in and players won’t cheat.

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In the Mantiz systeem, what are the guns used for?

Mantiz is a mobile-first laser tag system. Literally the only thing you do with the Mantiz gun is shooting and being shot. Everything else: shot feedback, sounds but also setting the play area and gameparameters is done through the Mantiz app.

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Is the Mantiz really capable of playing Battle Royale?

Yes, Mantiz allows for playing laser tag in Battle Royale style in the same fashion as you would experience in some of the major video games. Of course, video games will add additional features or game elements to Battle Royale which might not be suitable for playing a real-life laser tag Battle Royale. One such noticeable difference is that we do not deliver helicopters at the start of a game :-)

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Is the Mantiz gun waterproof?

The gun is splashproof – so playing in the rain will be just fine.

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What is the shot distance of the system?

The Mantiz system can easily shoot 250+ meters in daylight. Well enough for a fun game of laser tag outdoors!

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How many players can play Mantiz at the same time?

Actually… up to 4000 players can play Mantiz at the same time. Really. You will probably run in all kinds of logistic challenges though :-)

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How does the system work?

The system works as follows. First, you will need a phone to be able to play the game. This can either be the phone of your player himself, or you deliver the phones to the players as some of our customers prefer. The phones need to be capable of internet connection (WIFI/4G/5G) to connect players to the game and it need to have Bluetooth capabilities to connect the phone to the gun. A game master sets up the game. This can either be done by yourself or by one of the players. After setting-up the game with all parameters, the players will then join and play the game.

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How are the game end-results displayed?

Each player will receive a statement of the results on his/her own phone after a game.

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What is the purpose of the button on the front of the gun?

This button needs to be pushed in order to be able to shoot. This button is there for two main reasons. First, it discourages cheating. Second it restricts the movement of the player. Especially when playing in close quarters, this limited movement makes sure that players won’t accidentally hurt other players swinging the gun around one-handed.

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