Do you have a newsletter I can sign up for?

We do send out newsletters and information bulletins every once in a while. Simply leave your contact details at the contact form and we will send you a mail with all kinds of information!

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I like to use my own briefing video, is this possible?

Yes, very much so. We simply deliver our briefing video to make your life easier and because it is a professionally made, quality video. If you however prefer to use your own video, by all means.

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What kind of marketing can you offer me?

We have a good marketing package available for you and we are always designing new materials. With our available files, logos and photos you will also have everything you need to start making your own materials. Of course we will also help you in any way we can...

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How much should I spend on marketing?

We advise arenas to spend 10% to 20% of their budget to marketing, to ensure a sufficient level of marketing. This percentage is on yearly bases, as it is vital to keep the marketing running over a longer period of time to ensure profitability.

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How can I make sure people come to play LaserMaxx?

We advise customers to always and lasting practice marketing: flyers, ads, postcards. We have designs and marketing material ready for you to use, so you don't necessary have to create it yourself, though arena specific material is likely to be more effective. Remember that though you can have the best experience available, you can have the nicest staff available yet if you do not communicate it with your potential players, they can't possibly know. Be aware to continuously promoting your business. So, always do marketing and keep the marketing going even if you are reaching sky-high attendance rates!

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What should be the type of communication of my laser tag arena?

This purely depends on the country you are in, what type of people you aim for and what you yourself want to communicate. You can imagine that the communication to children is different than communication to businesses for corporate groups. The same principle works differently in communication in relation to countries. This difference is based upon differences in culture: what works for one country doesn't mean works for another country. The best ads are mostly done by you locally. However, we do have general ads and flyers for you to use!

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What kind of message should I communicate?

This depends on the type of your target group(s). If you focus solely on children, be sure to make the message you want to communicate accordingly. If it is businesses you are focusing on, be sure to include certain aspects they can relate to. In all cases, be sure to communicate your unique selling points. Why should they go to your indoor arena? What is there for them to gain? What makes your arena better than other entertaining businesses in the area? Remember that you are offering an entertainment service and as such, see the message you are sending as an addition to this entertainment experience.

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I like to do marketing but I cannot create a good ad myself, what should I do?

We already have an amount of ads, pictures, flyers etc. available for free for you to communicate with. Be sure to send an inquiry to us once you are customer, so we can share them with you. Additionally, you are of course always free to hire a marketing bureau!

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How can I make sure that people come back to play LaserMaxx?

There are several marketing techniques for that, mostly based upon Customer Relationship Management. To give you some idea now, it is wise to start gathering names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses the minute you start your business. Next, it is advised to explore your options about giving discounts to regular players and time-specific discounts (such as: easter holiday: 20% discounts for students). A specific theme night works wonders as well (e.g. Student Night).
Remember that you can make as many discounts as you want, yet if people don't know about them, they will never come regardless of the discounts. That communication can done easily in two fold:

  • General marketing: flyers, postcards, ads etc and
  • Direct marketing: a mail or email to people, possibly via the contacts you have already gathered.
    Those are just two examples of the marketing possible.

    Always remember you are not selling a tangible product, like soap or salt, but an experience: your aim is to give the players a good time. Make sure your staff knows that and works in accordance to it as it means that staff has to be social and likable and that your communication is tuned to fit that vision. And remember the LaserMaxx lasertag itself is reason enough to come back!

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Do I get some marketing materials like photo or videos when I order the system?

Yes, absolutely. We have professionally made photos and videos you are free to use on your marketing, website or otherwise. Happy to give you a head start in that regard!

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