How can I make sure my laser tag business will be as profitable as possible?

Look into the possibilities to have additional entertainment facilities such as the Mantiz (outdoor)arena, to have go-karts or bowling. This is not necessary, but it adds to the entertainment experience you are able to provide, and increases the range of your business. Anyway LaserMaxx will bring you a good profit alone also...

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What do you think will be the best sources of income?

There are several sources of income. One is of course the profits from the LaserMaxx itself. Another will be the benefits coming from the sale of food and beverages. If you have merchandise, that can be a potential source of income as well. Be creative!

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How much money should I charge my players per laser game?

We advise customers to charge approximately 5 times the price of a Coca-Cola at a local pub. In most western countries this comes down to €9,50 - €11,-. Note that this varies per country! To encourage players playing another time directly after, you might want to think of a 2 euro discount for every second game.

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What should I do when I want to open a LaserMaxx arena?

When you start a lasergame site, there are many things to do. Here are a few things that are very important and should be done as soon as possible:

  1. Think about who your players will be, where they come from, and what they want
  2. Find a location for your arena, instruction room, bar and other facilities
  3. Organize your financing
  4. Make sure you have all the local permits and licenses
  5. Talk to us about LaserMaxx systems
  6. Think about your theme (space, wild-west, urban, jungle, children, etc.)
  7. Start advertising weeks before your opening
  8. Start building the arena soon; this is much more work than you expect!

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