Why should I add VR to my entertainment mix?

Because having more entertainment activities strengthen your businesses. Your players will undoubtedly remain longer on-site, we're sure they will spend more on drinks and food and of course you can now offer play packages. Having more entertainment activities is always a good idea. Besides, VR is hot and at the very least it is a great marketing tool ('now also VR at my location'.) Why VirtualMaxx by itself is a good idea is because a few reasons. First and foremost: VirtualMaxx is affordable. Second: when developing VirtualMaxx we have used all our years of experience developing our laser tag systems allowing for a reliable product. Third: VirtualMaxx is scalable. You are not restricted to 4 players, but instead you can add as many VirtualMaxx installations to your location as you wish, allowing for the same group sizes you consider at your other activities. Do you have 16 karts and 16 LaserMaxx vests? You can also consider 16 VirtualMaxx installations.

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Why should I consider VirtualMaxx?

We've been experimenting with VR for quite some time: how can we give a commercial benefit to VR as opposed to home VR on one hand and on the other hand: how can we make sure that VR can be played in groups just like what makes laser tag commercially interesting. VirtualMaxx is our answer. For one: you can connect DMX devices to the system which in turn allows you to blow wind in a players face, or other cool effects while at the same time, all the games are intended to be played in groups: 12 minutes, similar price as you would ask for a round of laser tag. That, combined with a real LaserMaxx gun, and some clever other ways, we are sure that VirtualMaxx is a good and effective entertainment solution. It's affordable too!

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What kind of games and software are included with VirtualMaxx?

Our main software game is called 'Blade' as we were inspired by the BladeRunner movie for this. It's a neon-styled world in which players will hop from platform to platform finding and shooting each other and avoiding being shot. Even better: all throughout the city you will find powerups such as rapid fire, shields etc. The DMX adds another layer of immersion. Imagine being in the starting room and a door opens up to the world and suddenly actually experiencing wind in your face! 

When the game has ended there it is of course vital that you actually continue selling the experience to your players. We therefore deliver the game with styled after action results, scorecards with the game results and many more aspects that allow you to sell the experience well and beyond when the game has ended (vital!!). We can already do this, for the simple fact that we do the same in LaserMaxx.

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What makes VirtualMaxx radically different from other VR systems?

Here's why: VirtualMaxx is the first VR system primarily made for volume. Where there are many VR systems allowing for 45 or even 60 minute games, VirtualMaxx excels at short (12-15 minute) games with an thrilling experience just like laser tag or just like karting: fast-paced, immersive. VirtualMaxx furthermore allows to be played in groups of well over 4 players. Imagine you have 16 karts and 16 karting tracks, you can also consider adding 16 VirtualMaxx player systems to allow that one group of 16 players to also play VR. This is good for your planning, but it also undoubtedly highly benefits your other entertaiment activities sales, F&B sales and more. Therefore VirtualMaxx is perfect to be used adjacant to your other activities.

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How much space do I need for each VirtualMaxx player?

For space you would need approximately 16m2. You can also make it bigger or smaller as it is scalable (depending on your preference) yet 16m2 is best practice. 

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Why is DMX important with VR?

DMX allows you to give value to the VR experience you offer. To explain how this works, first we need to explain DMX. DMX is an standard electronic protocol also used in theathers, clubs etc. In essence it allows computers to control electronics. Think of smoke machines, light effects and more. Now, how we use DMX with VR is that in our VR software we can program that an effect is triggered in real life. Think of this. You start in a room and then you walk to the street. A fan will blow wind in your face. To give an exaggarated example: you can even program the system so that the floor will start moving when you are experiencing an earthquake or vulcano eruptation in VR. Such effects are both beyond cool, but even more important: they allow you to give added value to the experience for your players.

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How to style the room?

We see the room per player as a styled part of of the game. What we mean with this is that we feel it is imperative that walls etc. need to be designed with paint, similarly like done at laser tag arenas. The reason for this is because we feel that nothing gives a better entertainment boost than standing in real life in a room and in VR he will be in that exact same room! Naturally we will be delivering drawings with the system.

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How does VirtualMaxx work?

You will receive an operator system with the operator software. At this system you can pre-set all game parameters, input player names and basically control the whole system. You can even add DMX devices to this operator system allowing you to influence the player experiences using those devices. Each player will have a player system consisting of a strong (!) PC and the VR headset. On this PC the game software is installed. Players will wear the VR headset, and play the game with the game parameters as you have set this yourself. After the game they will naturally receive after-action reports and scorecards.

That's the 'dry' explanation. The real explanation is that VirtualMaxx is a fun, beyond beautiful and immersive VR system that allows you to continuously draw players to your entertainment location and make the most profit for your square meters.

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