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The LaserTag Game

A 'tag' or 'hit' is made when the beam of light shot by the gun hits the sensors. The sensors emit a small field covering the body of the person wearing the vest, making sure a hit is registered if any part of the body is touched by the beam. The Lasergun of LaserMaxx is the best available in the business. We ensure that if you shoot someone, you hit him/her with 100% accuracy and without hitting another player at the same time. We give you 100% shooting accuracy over 35+ meters and trust us, this is the best in the business.
The LaserMaxx lasergame is played by teams or individual players in a misty maze, firing bright laser beams at each other from their laser guns.

Each player wears a lightweight vest covered with electronic sensors that detect when it is hit by a laser beam. The microprocessor in the vest controls the player’s powers. Individual players win points by hitting opponents with their laser beam, and so contribute to the overall score of their team. Teams are recognized by the color of the lights on the player’s vest and gun.

A player can gain extra powers during the game, enabling rapid fire, invisibility, sniper precision, invulnerability, or even a change of team color! PowerPods are placed at various places in the maze and can either deactivate a player or give him extra powers. Digital voices and sound effects come from every vest in the game.

After the game is over, each player receives a scorecard showing exactly how many times he hit, or was hit by, each other player. The scorecard also shows the overall team scores, high scores and bonus points gained during the game. Even the accuracy of the shots for each player is given. Large LCD score screens can show the game scores in the bar area.
The anti-stalking option has been made to ensure there is no spawn shooting. A player can not shoot the same player a couple of times in a row, because it gives the player who was hit one second in which he can shoot but cannot be shot. In that second he can shoot his stalker. The anti-stalking option is a standard build in tool in LaserMaxx and a must for every laser tag arena because it ensures fair-play and a great fun time for everyone! You can find more information in the players section.
The operator of the arena can customize himself how much points are deducted when hit, how much points are earned when you have hit another player and much more. We have created our system so that the operator can customize a lot of functions himself to how his players like the game best. The best way to experience the different options within the game is by coming over to our demo setup at our headquarters or to contact one of our distributors! For more information on the different aspects of the game please visit the players section.
Yes. The MiniPod or PowerPods will give players special powers (rapid fire, invisibility, invulnerable, spy etc) and bonus points when players hit them. They can also shoot players, if you want them to. You can add as many Power- or MiniPods as you prefer.
When the game ends a couple of things happen. For one: the vests will deactive, make a sound instructing the players to return to the loading room. Secondly: the music will stop and via the speakers players will also be instructed to return to the loading room. The third action is optional: arenas using DMX usually have set their settings so that for instance stroboscopes will blink slower than in game. The players will return to the loading room, usually finding their way through the arena with UV painted arrows on floors/walls. 
Of course, we can! The LaserPlay is the only laser tag system designed especially for children. The attractive colors of the LaserPlay ensures that every child will have so much fun playing lasergames. Of course the standard LaserMaxx quality also applies to the LaserPlay: very strong, durable materials, high-quality electronics and always the most modern equipment. The LaserPlay is ideal for any FEC or children's playground! Contact us for more information. 
The duration of each game can be chosen by you, the operator. Typical playtime is between 12 and 20 minutes. Please note that 12 minutes is a good time and 20 minutes might be too long for this high-energy game.
Obviously, this does not include the time you spend on explaining the rules and watching the enthusiastic players discuss the game while having a drink at your bar. A good turnover rate is 7 groups per two hours. Of course, with LaserMaxx you have an option to change the game time yourself to make sure you will always run efficient at very busy hours in your arena!