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Technical LaserTag Info

Yes, absolutely! Please visit for a list of all our useful plugins, especially created to customize your location!
Yes, absolutely! Please visit for a list of all useful plugins!
Yes, most maintenance you can do on-site to ensure a high throughput. Most repairs are minor repairs. During the training, we will also explain some things about repairing as well. Major repairs are done at our headquarters where we have the necessary equipment and technical knowledge available. Luckily, you won't have to use it often though, as LaserMaxx is considered extremely durable!
The guns are made of very strong, high durable material. There is a normal trigger, which is a significant advantage to realism as opposed to a button. There is also an extra button on the side of the gun for optional two-handed shooting which a safety option. It prevents players from swinging their guns around with one hand and hurting each other. Additionally, it prevents players from cheating due to the inability to cover up sensors. The cable to attach the gun to the vest we use is the absolute best in the business. The best part of the gun is that we have absolutely no electronics incorporated within the gun, meaning that the durability is extremely high!
Yes, the laser is fully safe as it is a Class II laser. We provide a certificate of safety with every system.
The yellow button, is used for two-handed shooting. A player cannot hit anybody without pushing the yellow button. This is done for safety purposes for both the player - so players cannot be physical in their play - the equipment - so it cannot be dropped easily - and play-friendliness - so that cheating is limited as sensors cannot be covered by a hand.
LaserMaxx is easily plugged in to a common electricity socket (110 or 220 volts). The battery itself is able to last 24 hours without recharging, meaning the LaserMaxx is very economical in its use of electricity.
No, LaserMaxx does not hurt the human body or clothes at all. The laser of the gun is a safe class II laser and we are able to provide a certificate of safety with every set. The LaserMaxx does in no way hurt the human body or clothes whatsoever.
LaserMaxx is able to easily reach 35+ meters. The accuracy when shooting at that distance is a 100%! And trust us, we deliver the best laser gun available in the business!
LaserMaxx is able to host 6 teams for a total of 64 players at a time.
The PowerPod and MiniPods are special additions to your arena. They can shoot at players, they give players special bonuses and the PowerPod can work as a team base for team based games. The PowerPod and MiniPods are great accessories as they diversify how the game is played. Of course you can customize the PowerPods and MiniPods yourself to your liking. Also see the players page for more information on our Minipods and Powerpods.
Yes definitely. We have nine smartly placed hit points on the front, back and the side of the vest as well as one in the gun. This means that if you shoot somebody from the side, it will register a hit as well. It also means that somebody fires from behind a wall with only his gun visible, that he or she can be shot. With LaserMaxx's 100% accuracy on 35+ meters you can be assured of full realism. Regardless of the position you are firing from! 
The SWAT laser and SWAT light are derived from the special forces. They use a special laser and a special light on their equipment, allowing them to enhance accuracy and their visibility range. With the SWAT laser and SWAT light option in EVO-5 of LaserMaxx, your players can experience laser gaming as if they were really part of a rescue operation of the SWAT!
DMX stands for Digital MutlipleXed and it comes from the theater and the club scene. It is a protocol that allows you to adjust and control certain stroboscopes, fog machines and lights of your arena from one central spot – your operator PC. It is a very handy plugin, a real time saver!