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No. There are absolutely no license fees or other periodic costs for LaserMaxx!
The system itself is plug-and-play on arrival. Installation and training of the operators at your site is free, and will take approximately one day. Travel and stay of our technical staff is not included in this arrangement. Please see our price list for more info or contact your LaserMaxx sales representative.
Yes absolutely. Check out our Pay-Per-Play financing, Competitor Upgrade Program or First-In-Country discount! Contact us for more information!
Yes. Every system includes the lasergame packs (vests + guns), a computer, a LaserJet printer for the scorecards and a special WIFI modem. These and more (wall contacts, training etc.) are all included in the price of a system. Contact us for a list of specifications!
The costs for spare parts and additional equipment are included in the price list. To receive the price list, please leave your email address at the contact page.
Simply look at the locations page. This list is updated regularly, if there is no laser tag arena yet in your country you can most likely apply for the First-In-Country discount! It is also depending on arena size, city size, location size and more. Contact us for more information!
In 1997 we invented Pay-Per-Play. It means that you don’t buy the laser tag system, but pay a very small fee for every player that plays a laser game. You only pay for games that are actually played, so your start-up costs are kept to a minimum.
You can always decide to buy the system at any given time during your Pay-Per-Play period.
The price of the Pay-Per-Play program is included in our full price list. To receive it, please leave us your name and e-mail address on the contact page.
In that case you can apply for our First-In-Country discount! Contact us for details.
To receive a full price list (systems, accessories and spare parts) and additional information about financing, please leave us your name and e-mail address on the contact page.
Definitely!! And it has been done many times before too! We will register you into our Competitive-Upgrade-Program. This entitles you a significant trade-in discount! Contact us for details!