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VirtualMaxx works the same as the LaserMaxx systems. We will be delivering an operator system where you pre-set all game parameters, input player names and basically control the whole system. From there, you send the command to the individual player installations. You can even add DMX devices to this operator system allowing you to influence the player experiences using those devices. 
We see the room per player as a styled part of of the game. What we mean with this is that we feel it is imperative that walls etc. need to be designed with paint, similarly like done at laser tag arenas. The reason for this is because we feel that nothing gives a better entertainment boost than standing in real life in a room and in VR he will be in that exact same room! Naturally we will be delivering drawings with the system.
For space you would need approximately 16m2. You can also make it bigger or smaller as it is scalable, that is depending on your preference but we feel 16m2 is best practice. 
We have developed currently one game to be used with the VR system. This software game is called 'Blade' as we were inspired by the BladeRunner movie for this. It's a neon-styled world in which players will hop from platform to platform finding and shooting each other and avoiding being shot. Even better: all throughout the city you will find powerups such as rapid fire, shields etc. The DMX adds another layer of immersion. Imagine being in the starting room and a door opens up to the world. Imagine receiving a blow of wind in your face while you are playing. 

When the game has ended there it is of course vital that you actually continue selling the experience to your players. We therefore deliver the game with styled after action results, scorecards with the game results and many more aspects that allow you to sell the experience well and beyond when the game has ended (vital!!). We can already do this, for the simple fact that we do the same in LaserMaxx.