Ever since we started our first LaserMaxx system, we have always kept a very close eye on the evolution of entertainment in the industry. We've seen ideas come, we have seen ideas go. Now, the time is right to introduce our first ever VR system. With LaserMaxx quality, the VirtualMaxx platform will bring you an unmatched and completely immersive VR experience.

The most innovative VR system intended to be played in groups

Brought to you by LaserMaxx Lasergames: we are proud to present our VirtualMaxx platform. VirtualMaxx is the first and only VR platform intended to be played in groups, just like laser tag and just like laser tag this makes VirtualMaxx a profitable corporate investment. Using smart AI, players will be fully to actually walk, crouch and jump in VirtualMaxx. The platform furthermore features DMX integrations and most important of all: the investment is truly affordable!

Turn-key VR solution

VirtualMaxx is a turn-key platform and a full solution for your VR needs. We will supply you with a full VR system that includes the hardware, the software and all the necessary peripherals. You would need just 6m2 to 16m2 per player of open space. As manufacturers of LaserMaxx Lasergames and VirtualMaxx alike, we have an extensive knowledge in supporting entertainment facilities and we have a full R&D team working on day-to-day bases on new updates, new features and new options.