LMX Reality

> LMX Reality

Think of the reality integration by LaserMaxx EVO-6 as your way to have complete control over the game of laser tag. Imagine if a red team captures a team base and all lights in the arena turn red. Imagine a 'Nuclear Bomb' explodes after 5 minutes leading to all lights flashing yellow, all screens in your arena playing a video of a nuclear bomb and the sound of a nuclear bomb playing on your sound system. You can even interact with the vests: by giving special powers, ammo and lives. The LaserMaxx Reality offers complete control of every arena element and integrates it to the game making laser tag more real than ever. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. The LMX Reality is absolutely vital to make use of all possibilities of the LaserMaxx system.

Note: DMX integration is included in the LMX reality!


> LMX Tablet

The LMX Tablet is an excellent time-saving addition to your arena! Traditionally, entering players names and determine teams for a game of laser tag is done by you or one of your employees. With the division of teams and entering the players names a lot of time is lost. The LMX tablet will allow you to outsource these activities to your players instead!


LMX Social

> LMX Social

The LMX Social plugin connects you instantly to your Facebook and Twitter. Fully automated you can show your scores on predetermined intervals. Regardless if you want to post the results of every game or just the highscores of the last five games on your Facebook or your Twitter for your players to share, like or retweet ... with the LMX Social this process is fully automated! Each of your players will be given out a unique URL per scorecard. Your players can follow that link and claim their scores with their own Facebook account through the world's premium laser tag player portal at my.lasermaxx.com. On this website your players can see their score history, their ranks, their accuracy and much, much more. They can see how their skills progress, they can gain achievements and even play an online laser tag game. Henceforth your laser tag experience does not stop at your door. And what might be most important... you can now connect with you players through social media, fully automated! Ideal for birthday marketing, your players sharing your arena on Facebook with friends and family, and a multitude of different and beneficial purposes.


LMX Specials

> LMX Specials

Do you have a lot of professional and regular players and do you want to offer them unique and thrilling gamestyles? Or perhaps you just want to offer your customers some extra special games? The LMX Specials give you the option to play extraordinary games. From Vampire to VIP to Hit Streaks... the LMX Specials extends the normal game modes for your regulars!


LMX SuperPod

> LMX SuperPod

EVO-6 features the all new v6 SuperPods! These SuperPods are integrated with screens, speakers, team base options, a photocamera and more. Even better: they are integrated with our reality system. This means that when you shoot the SuperPod you can let your arena's music, videos, lights go crazy. Imagine the red team capturing the teambase (SuperPod) and all lights going red in your complete arena. Imagine a gamestyle in which a team shoots the SuperPod and therefore a 'nuclear bomb' explodes, triggering videos of the nuclear blast on screens while your sound system plays a nuclear blast sound all throughout your arena. The arena can now actually interact with what is happening in the game!


LMX PodEditor

> LMX PodEditor

The LaserMaxx Pods are popular devices among players. It severely diversifies games and enhances the arena's sales of second games by simply being available. For your professional players the LMX PodEditor plugin is a must-have. You can change every little setting on your Pod and thus you will have an unlimited range of options your professional players can choose from!




You can now connect your RFID cards with the LaserMaxx system through the LMX RFIDPod integration. You can even use the LMX Reality to connect the LMX RFIDPod plugin with your lights, light effects and EVE. Can you imagine how cool it is for a play when he scans his card, he hears his own name spoken by EVE over your soundspeakers while the loadingroom lights turn all red?


> LMX Interaction

Imagine hosting a party for a laser tag group. What would like the birthday group better than if their packs will actually sing a 'Happy Birthday' song to the birthday boy? Want to add/decrease game time, ammo, lives and many more options while the vests are playing the game? All those options are not science fiction: the LMX Interaction allows you to interact with your vests while they are playing a game!


LMX Insights

> LMX Insights

Imagine hosting a party for a laser tag group. What would like the birthday group better than if their packs will actually sing a 'Happy Birthday' song to the birthday boy? Want to add/decrease game time, ammo, lives and many more options while the vests are playing the game? All those options are not science fiction: the LMX Interaction allows you to interact with your vests while they are playing a game!


LMX Booking

> LMX Booking

Imagine that you have a giant arena with a multitude of activities and you wish to enter the player names from a different console than the default LaserMaxx console. No problem! With the LMX Booking Terminal you can do just that ánd completely set-up a game from a different console!


LMX KeyPod

> LMX KeyPod

Do you have areas in your location you wish to open only after a numerical key has been entered succesfully? The LMX KeyPod plugin triggers when a correct number has been submitted and performs a subsequent action (opening the door for instance). Even better: the LMX Reality can react with lights, sounds and effects both upon a succesful entry and upon an entry on a wrong number on the LMX KeyPod.




By itself DMX is not a new concept nor is it unique throughout business alike. What is unique is the direct integration with your LaserMaxx hardware. With the LMX DMX plugin you can connect your DMX controlled lights, light effects and smoke machines with the LaserMaxx console. The console will automatically recognize the phase within the game and subsequently instruct the DMX controlled electronics to behave as they are set to relative for that phase. An example of such automation? The LMX DMX plugin allows you to set your smoke machine to blow smoke in the arena at high level at the beginning of a game, at medium pace in the middle of the game and off at the end of each game. The LMX DMX plugin makes each (!) of these arena functions fully automated. You take care of the DMX electronics, we take care of the automation of your arena.


LMX Group

> LMX Group

Imagine a group who enters your location looking to play a game later. Simply ask them for their names at the front desk, input all their details and have the game set up already. Whenever the time has come for that group to play their game, the only action your operator need to perform is to load the correct gamefile and the fun begins. The LMX Group plugin allows for amazing throughput and an increase in efficiency of your laser tag business.


LMX Scores

> LMX Scores

With the LMX Scores you can show the scores of players on a screen in the bar. The goal of this plugin is to control the traffic flow and draw your players from the exit of your vest room to your bar where your screen is best situated. The LMX Scores is an easy and very effective plugin which enhances your commercial efficiency thoroughly.


LMX LiveRanking

> LMX LiveRanking

The LMX LiveRanking gives you the opportunity to boost the experience for your players even before they start playing! The ranks of the ongoing game in the arena will be displayed on the screen in the bar. You can customize your own LiveRanking by adding in photos or banners with special actions, discounts or offers. The beautifully designed LiveRanking will boost the adrenaline of players even before their own game!


LMX PackAssignment

> LMX PackAssignment

With the LMX PackAssignment you limit the time your players spend in your loadingroom for a quicker turnaround! Install a screen above the arena door and the LMX PackAssignment will display the names of the players and the number of the vest they are assigned to. What’s more: whenever a game has ended, the players can have a look at the screen which will now show on which wallmount to return the vest. Where previously your employees had to assist your players, your players now can return the vests by themselves. As the LMX PackAssignment streamlines the allocation of vests, it saves your employees’ time. Furthermore, it is an excellent method to decrease the time players spend in the loadingroom increasing your throughput significantly – especially on crowded days!


LMX MultiArena

> LMX MultiArena

The LMX Multiarena plugin should be your utopia. If you have more arenas than one arena, it might be a good idea to consider the LMX Multiarena. It allows you to control multiple arenas straight from one, central computer in an administrative fashion. If there is a need for the LMX Multiarena it means that you are doing something good!


LMX MediaPod

> LMX MediaPod

Connecting the LMX Reality with the LMX MediaPod plugin unlocks an unlimited amount of possibilities with regard to the video. Imagine when a player has been shot and suddenly all screens in your location will play a nuclear blast video. Imagine when players have correctly entered a code on the KeyPod and through the LMX Media all your screens will play a video showing that the code has been broken. The LMX MediaPod plugin allows for full control over all videos and other media! You can also play an instruction video using this powerful media device!