Automatic software updates

Feature-packed software updates are issued frequently and are installed all automatically!

Player App

Fully integrated player portal tracking advanced player stats and after-action results.

Calorie tracking

Always wondered how fit you become by playing? EVO-6 tracks the burned calories!

LMX Reality

Your arena, your lights and all your media will react realtime to in-game events!

Prison escape integration

Create a prison escape game inside of the play area for a hybrid laser tag experience.

Owner app

Full overview and insight in your system while you are off-site... or on holiday.

Comfortable foam padding

The thick and designed foam padding make EVO-6 vests extremely comfortable.

DMX integration

Automates the use of lights, smoke machines and other electronic effects.

Special game modes & editor

Experience whole new ways to play laser tag through our extensive set of game modes.

Enhanced voice engine (EVE)

Experience live action feedback on your game through our integrated text-to-speech engine.

Full color scorecards

Including comprehensive data visualisation about key game statistics and milestones.

QR Codes

With smart usage of QR codes, our systems deliver more information in less space.

Worldwide 24/7 support

Our multilingual support team is at your service 24/7, for all your questions.

One size fits all

Small child or big bodybuilder? Our one-sized vests can be used by anybody.

Thick green lasers

Bright and above all: fun. Our green lasers make your arena more vibrant than ever before.

Scorescreens and packassignment

Several screens located throughout the venue ensure a complete and thrilling experience.

Emergency evacuation mode

Fire departments love this feature Hit a single button to start the evacuation protocol.