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Happy to announce our new openings in Valkenburg (the Netherlands), Künzell and Munster (Germany),

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players enjoy LaserMaxx each month?

> Defining laser tag for 25 years

Ever since we started building our first laser tag system 25 years ago, we have focused on bringing reliability to entertainment and laser tag. After all, the more our systems can be used to sell games, the more our customers (you!) will benefit. With the thrilling entertainment systems of LaserMaxx you are ensured of a maximized uptime, usage of the strongest materials and therefore: the best business results. We invite you to explore our unique innovations such as integrated social media, player and owner apps, special game types and complete arena interactivity control. Combine these and more unique features with the absolute durability of the LaserMaxx systems and let yourself be convinced like so many professional entertainment operators have been before you.

> Reliable entertainment systems

LaserMaxx is one of the major powerhouses in entertainment: currently well over 1 million monthly players in over 375+ locations play with our flagship product LaserMaxx. These customers are located in 50 countries worldwide and spanning 5 continents, ranging from Germany to Jamaica and from Mexico to Bangladesh. And... it doesn't just stop there. Over the years our product range has expanded from indoor laser tag, to Virtual Reality, and even to Battle Royale outdoor laser tag. We invite you to have a look at our product section to see all available entertainment products and to get in touch with us with all your questions and business propositions. We are absolutely sure that we can supply you with a perfect fit for your entertainment business.

LaserMaxx EVO-6 system