Do you know that over


players enjoy LaserMaxx each month?

> Why laser tag?

Laser tag is an excellent addition to commercial entertainment facilities. We see combinations like laser tag and go-karts, bowling, billiards, children playgrounds, FEC's, franchises and even indoor ski locations. It all works. Why does it work? There are several reasons for this. Important is of course that laser tag requires little maintenance, is very automated and has an extremely high-profit margin. What's more, laser tag has a large target group to sell laser tag games to. This goes from business events, to bachelor groups, and to children birthday parties.

> Starting your location

You need a space of 250 up to 600 square meters to build the laser tag play area. Here is where you create the so-called 'arena' consisting of walls, wall art and light effects. We're happy to supply you with a free online arena design tool that helps with designing this area. We naturally assist you with best practices on both constructing and theming of the laser tag arena. If you do not have or know a local construction team that can help you with the building of the location, we are very happy to supply you with contact details of a reliable laser tag building crew. All in all: we're happy to help you set up as convenient as possible.

> What you can expect from us

We always supply you with a complete, and extremely strong laser tag system, enabling you to host thrilling and unmatched games of laser tag. Our customers may always expect three things from us. First: you will have the most durable professional laser tag system available with hammerstrong covers and a unique design. Second: you will have the latest innovations in the laser tag industry, and even better, all those options will be as automated as possible. Third: you will be ensured of a reliable back-office for after-sales and support. A combination of all those factors makes LaserMaxx purchase a genuinely reliable investment. Do you know our LaserMaxx is feature-packed with commercial tricks that will help you sell more games to your players? Please get in touch with us for more details.

LaserMaxx EVO-6 system