> LaserMaxx EVO-6

Family Entertainment Centers! This is for you. Bring your business to a new level with LaserMaxx EVO-6. This evolution in laser tag is beyond reliable, very automated and an entertainment powerhouse.

> LaserPlay

Looking for something the little ones can do too? The LaserPlay is colorful, lightweight and beyond fun. Using robust materials the LaserPlay is a quick entertainnment solution for children playground's.

> Mantiz

Mantiz: our reliable outdoor system designed for both the outdoor and the rental market. Completely controlled by the player's mobile phones and featuring the highly popular Battle Royale mode!

> VirtualMaxx

Virtual Reality has rapidly become a household name in Family Entertainment Centers. Let's take it one step further. We are happy to introduce you to our VirtualMaxx Roaming VR system: our fully wireless VR solution.