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LaserMaxx April Blog

We hope that you and your relatives and friends are in good health and remain so during these difficult times. We hope to see you soon to play again in one of our 350+ centers.

Why laser tag works

Quite traditionally laser tag is an excellent addition to commercial entertainment facilities. We've seen combinations like laser tag and go-karts, bowling, billiards, children playgrounds, FEC's, franchises and even snow worlds. It all works. Why it works? Because laser tag requires little maintenance, it is very automated, has an extremely high profit margin and it has a large target group to sell laser tag games to. After all: who doesn't like playing laser tag?

Starting your location

The one thing you would need is to plan to have a clear space of 250 up to 600 square meters and build the actual laser tag arena. We'll take care of the rest. To make this extra convenient: we supply you with a free online arena design tool that helps you with the plans of your laser tag arena. What's more: we're here to help. Leave your contact details at our contact section and one of our representatives will be in touch with you soon. Be sure to ask us all your questions and we are happy to provide you with all solutions. Starting a laser tag arena has never been easier.  

What you can expect from us

LaserMaxx customers may always expect three things of us as manufacturer of professional laser tag sets. First: you will have the most durable professional laser tag system available with hammerstrong covers and a unique design. Second: all options and features are automated where humanly possible. Third: you will be ensured of the latest innovations in the laser tag industry ánd a reliable backoffice for after-sale support. You can further increase your sales through usage of commercial pointers within the LaserMaxx set. A combination of all those factors make LaserMaxx purchase a truly profitable investment.