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Laser tag has evolved well beyond your average entertainment product. We take it one step further. LaserMaxx EVO-6 sets industry's lowest marginal costs and highest profit margins. This is probably the main reason why LaserMaxx EVO-6 is the choice of so many entertainment professionals. Yet, there's more, much more...


LaserMaxx EVO-6 features industry-unique innovations like crystal-clear OLED displays, integrated accelerometers, and state-of-the-art soundspeakers. Software innovations include an Enhanced Voice Engine (EVE) and even an integrated reality system. What's more: our active development team issues frequent updates. This ensures you'll have the most advanced laser tag system at all times.


No matter your timezone, no matter the nature of your support request. Our support team is very willing to help you with all your questions at any given time through e-mail. Easy and reliable. Power outage? Emergency? Our support team is available 24/7 through phone for all your emergencies - worldwide. We're here to make sure our system works. Always and everywhere.


We're in it for the long run. Our systems are used to provide unmatched laser tag experiences all around the world. Supplying laser tag for more than 25 years, over a million players play a game of LaserMaxx each month. We understand what business owners want, and we know the ins and outs of this business. Our LaserMaxx EVO-6 system will give you all the right tools to set you up for success.



Using the most durable electronics and synthetic materials, our LaserMaxx EVO-6 system is able to withstand the rough day-to-day usage by players. It doesn’t just stop there: EVO-6's industry unique design limits point of failures to the greatest extent - going so far as having no electronics inside the gun. A strong and durable laser tag system is of course of the utmost importance. After all: the more games you can sell to your players, the happier your players and the better your business.



Software quality is just as vital as hardware quality. Being the centerpiece of your laser tag arena, the LaserMaxx software controls all aspects of the system in an automated fashion. The software has been developed and refined by usability testing and we’ve further improved due to our customer’s feedback. Day-to-day usage of our software enables your employees to host games at an unmatched pace, which in turn enables you to maximize your business results.



  • Extremely strong & reliable laser tag vests
  • Capable to host up to 64 players
  • Lightweight and robust vests
  • Vandal-proof laser tag guns
  • OLED display, accelerometer and dual speakers
  • Frequent and reliable software updates
  • Automated and user-friendly software
  • DMX and Reality integrations
  • Enhanced Voice Engine integration
  • Windows 11 compatibility
  • Calorie tracking and integrated memberships
  • Owner and player apps for iOS & Android


Each LaserMaxx EVO-6 package contains everything you need to start hosting laser tag games!

LaserMaxx EVO-6 Packages
  • EVO-6 laservests and guns
  • Wallmounts and HQ vest chargers
  • Controller PC and scorecard printer
  • Briefing video and marketing package
  • LaserMaxx Social Plugin
  • Warranty
  • Worldwide shipping
Package price
LMX 12
  • 12
  • 12
  • -
  • 12 months
  • Free
€ 29.995,-
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LMX 24
  • 24
  • 24
  • 24 months
  • Free
€ 49.995,-
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LMX 36
  • 36
  • 36
  • 24 months
  • Free
€ 69.995,-
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And what about...

? How much money should I charge my players per laser game?

We advise customers to charge approximately 5 times the price of a Coca-Cola at a local pub. In most western countries this comes down to €9,50 - €11,-. Note that this varies per country! To encourage players playing another time directly after, you might want to think of a 2 euro discount for every second game.

? How much should I spend on marketing?

We advise arenas to spend 10% to 20% of their budget to marketing, to ensure a sufficient level of marketing. This percentage is on yearly bases, as it is vital to keep the marketing running over a longer period of time to ensure profitability.

? Can I trade-in my current laser tag equipment and upgrade to LaserMaxx?

Definitely!! And it has been done many times before too! We will register you into our Competitive-Upgrade-Program. This entitles you a significant trade-in discount! Contact us for details!