Over the years hundreds and hundreds of laser tag locations have used EVO- 5 to great effect. Combining unmatched durability with enhanced automation made EVO-5 thé choice of entertainment professionals all around the globe. Explore here why!


For years a standard in theatres and clubs, EVO-5 incorporated the DMX standard in the early days. Controlling all DMX compatible devices through a user-friendly interface enables your arena to be operated fully automated. In turn, this allows you to make sure that every single player will have a laser tag experience like they have never experienced before.


EVO-5 is the first system to feature social enhancements and bringing laser tag memberships online. At players are able to claim games, rank up through global leaderboards, gain XP through achivements and rank up. A vibrant laser tag community competing worldwide. And the best part…? It all works without a membership card (marginal costs!)


We introduced the so-called ‘hammertest’ in the industry. A heavy hammer – an EVO-5 vest… you get the picture. Competitors caught up so we thought of a new way to visualise the unmatched strength of our systems. We’ve driven over our EVO-5 vests with cars, agricultural tractors, vans… you name it. Why? The stronger our systems – the more games you can sell.

EVO-5 vest



EVO-5 is one of those systems that just turned the whole industry completely upside down. EVO-5 has an unmatched ability to always be operational due to extremely strong materials and an extremely modular hardware design. To date, competitors have not been able to replicate these features – making EVO-5 a very feasible choice in the laser tag industry to date.



Let us be straightforward. Being a newer generation, EVO-6 is simply better. More options, many improvements and overall just a better system. EVO-5 is however to date still a very feasible choice for entertainment centers who are looking for a professional laser tag system, and who have a smaller budget. EVO-5 features all the options a professional entertainment center can dream of. Looking for an entry-level laser tag system? EVO-5 is here for you!



  • Extremely strong & reliable laser tag vests
  • Capable to host up to 64 players
  • Lightweight and robust vests
  • Vandal-proof laser tag guns
  • OLED display, accelerometer and dual speakers
  • Frequent and reliable software updates
  • Automated and user-friendly software
  • DMX integration

What's included?

Each LaserMaxx EVO-5 package contains everything you need to start hosting laser tag games!

LaserMaxx EVO-5 Packages
  • EVO-5 laservests and guns
  • Vest wallmounts
  • High capacity chargers
  • PowerPod
  • Controller PC and scorecard printer
  • Free social membership
  • Briefing and marketing videos
  • Marketing materials package
  • Training
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • 12 Months warranty
LMX 12
  • 12
  • 12
  • 12
  • 1
  • 1
  • -
€ 19.995,-
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LMX 21
  • 21
  • 21
  • 21
  • 1
  • 1
€ 29.995,-
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And what about...

? Who will be my target audience at my laser game arena?

Generally speaking you can expect a lot of groups: birthday groups, corporate groups, families and friends' groups, unless you have a type-specific venue (a children's playground). The age, psychography and demographics of those groups depends on the specific location you are situated in.

? How much should I spend on marketing?

We advise arenas to spend 10% to 20% of their budget to marketing, to ensure a sufficient level of marketing. This percentage is on yearly bases, as it is vital to keep the marketing running over a longer period of time to ensure profitability.

? How much space do I need for my laser tag arena?

The optimal size of your arena depends on the number of LaserMaxx vests that you plan to use, and vice verse. We recommend that you start with not too many vests. If your business expands you can always buy additional vests from us. To answer your question: we recommend approximately 15 sqm per person. Don’t forget that you also need an area to store the vests , an instruction area and preferably a bar.